Santa Fe - High winds brought dark clouds ready to dump over 12 inches of snow overnight while we slept in our cozy Motel 6 (with no internet access). The day before, while driving from Colorado to Santa Fe, a wall of snow was visible to the west of the highway. The pressure was on.

While in Santa Fe for only about 36 hours, we managed to eat three meals at different restaurants and it led to a debate. Are green chilis better than red? The answer is easy: It depends on the restaurant.

Oddly enough, while the food was quite good at the two restaurants that appear to be most popular, we found that the chili relleno and green chili with spiced beef at this place on Cervellos that was sublime.

Guadalupe Cafe had the best local reputation, and quite frankly a snobish attitude. The food was good, but in spite of multiple warnings about how spicy the peppers were, the green chilis were too tame for my taste. If you are at Guasalupe Cafe - order red.

Tomasita's Cafe was really full of people and we ate at the bar. They charge extra for chips and salsa, but the tamales were GREAT. Red and green are equal here.

The place on Cervellos that had the stellar relleno has a name that escaped me, but they have this great picture of Kokopelli on their sign. If you go nowhere else, so there for the relleno. It is located between the two Motel 6s. If you find this place and go to it - GO GREEN!

A good rule of thumb (to use a wonderfully non-PC term) is to order to color of chili that is on the "Specials" menu. For those of you who have been berated for using this term, here is a lovely article on the topic.