Bears' Lair has a nice label with two friendly bears holding hands. ACNielsen's label study supports this logo choice. It seems that US consumers prefer the warm fuzzy feeling of a mascot. And yet, this label also manages to look regal.

For those of us who troll Trader Joes for cheap wines that taste kinda good, Bears' Lair fits the bill. It has a robust yet not too strong flavor, no lingering wino aftertaste and it doesn't even turn my teeth purple over dinner!

One wine-ranker disagrees with me, however:

Well, I guess my tastes might not be refined enough to agree. This wine is pleasant, goes really well with past and is one of those bottle I would buy by the case if Trader Joes would just PLEASE come to Nashville.

Summary: 2003 Bears' Lair Cabernet Sauvignon at Trader Joes

  • Flavor: Dry, mid to full flavored, no bad aftertaste 
  • Color: Nice
  • Ideal temperature: Room is best
  • Response to decanting: It improves
  • Recommendation: Buy a bottle, take it home and taste it, and if you like it, go immediately back to Trader Joes and buy them out.