QuickBlog is the interface I use for my blog. It is quick and easy, but I find the templates are very non-flexible. For weeks, I have HATED the light grey word colors on the front of my blog, and couldn't find any way to change them. Then I remembered the old days when I used to code sited in Wordpad, handy copy of the HTML Blackbook by my side.

So, using that outdated technology, I came up with the following solution. This, ufortunately, has to be done in EVERY new entry, but I just can't seem to get access to the CSS to make the standard text display in black.

1) When you write a new entry, click on the HTML tab at the bottom of your WYSIWYG window.
2) Paste <FONT color=#000000>test</font>
3) Go back to the Design view an replace the word "test" with your entry.

When you publish an excerpt, be sure to also start it with <FONT color=#000000>, type in your excerpt, then add </font>.