Today, I was so sick that I almost lost my cookies after dinner. After doing a little poking around online, I decided that Atkins, while it has caused me to lose weight this week, is not the right choice for me. On Thursday, I was so weak, I couldn't make it through my Pilates class, and swimming 2,000 yards would have been impossible. My conclusion? An active person really needs carbs to function.

The whole time I was on the diet, I did not crave sugary foods, but rather fruits and grains. Mark, having lost 10 pounds in a week, agrees that we need to slow down the weight loss and go about things in a more balanced way. has been a good source of information, as has simply googlesearching "How to safely stop Atkins." We decided, since most of the initial weight loss on Atkins in only water weight, to be careful about how much fat we consume.

We are transitioning int he following ways:
1) High fiber, whole grain foods. No white foods.
2) Lots of veggies
3) Low fat consumption
4) Seeking protien somewhere besides meat - but not cutting out all meats has turned out to be a great resource for this strategy. They set up an individualized plan for you, tell you what you can consume, then give you all sorts of online tools to track what you are doing and compare if it is what you should be doing. They are much better than WeightWatchers because they are FREE!

Hats off to those of you out there who are able to stick to this diet.

Recipe of the Day: Low Carb Glazed Ahi


  • 1 shot brandy
  • 1 spoonful rosemary
  • 1 spoonful hot peppers
  • Salt and pepper


Lightly salt and pepper both sides of the ahi, rub the rosemary and peppers over the outside of the meat. Drizzly the brandy on the steak. Grill until it is as cooked as you like it.

Day 5 Summary
Consumed: two cups of coffee, 2 tablespoons cream, 2 bites of steak (2oz), 2 hard boiled eggs, 4 cups lettuce, 1 cup broccoli, 3 slices summer sausage, 3 pieces cucumber, 3oz grilled chicken breast, 1 tablespoon blue cheese dressing, 48 ounces fizzy water, one cup jasmine tea.

Calorie Count: This is approximate - 650.

How I Feel: Nauseous. Headachy. Lethargic. Weak. Like my stomach lining was eating itself.

How Mark Feels: Worse than I do.

Weight at 8pm: 159.0 pounds.

Work Out: Are you kidding me?