While in Washington DC earlier this week, I discovered a gem: Sawatdee Thai Restaurant. It was the best Thai food I have had in this country. Qualify that with the following, however: I appear to live in a Thai food vacuum.

The food in Thailand is much better than the Thai food in most Thai restaurants in the US, but that is usually the case. It has, however, been a constant source of disappointment that most Thai places serve Vietnamese-tasting foods and/or substitute cow's milk for coconut milk in their recipes (yucko!).

So far in Nashville, I have not found good Thai nor Chinese for that matter. It seems the Asian chefs have chosen to avoid this fine region, or host special events like this lovely event for the Chinese New Year. Anyone reading this who has recommendations, please DO chime in!

We decided to use my skills gained in a cooking class in Thailand, and try to make some Pad Thai in Nashville with a twist - We only used what was in the house or available for purchase at Kroger's.

Pad Thai never tastes the same way twice when I make it, because I don't measure anything and have not had the "proper" ingredients around since moving to Nashville. Here is what last night brought:

What we already had
1) Thin rice noodles in a box
2) Onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms
3) A motley assortment of sauces

What we bought at the store:
1) Bamboo shoots
2) White asparagus - they hat if for $1.99 a pound!!

3) Broccoli, tiny peppers, zucchini

4) Peanuts - Mark grabbed salted ones, so we ended up washing the salt off...

Tune in later to see how we prepped the meal...