Staubie just came back from the vet, testing negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia! She is now an official member of our family here in Nashville.

Her introduction was lauded with a pat of butter that she and Mighty each got to eat a piece of in the interest of encouraging them to like one another.

Indeed, they have worked out an initial truce and we only let them hang out when Staubie wants out of the kitten room and Mark and I are home to supervise.

In addition to the proud mama, are her four chubby kittens, now a week old. So far, we have no open eyes, but "the orange one" is showing signs of developing slits. He is also the fattest of the four, though he is learning to share his mama's milk.

Following are photos of each kitten after one short week of life. Let me know which one you think is the cutest... We are open to ideas for better names too!

The Grey One

The Orange One

Minime (Because he looks like his mama)

The Calico Gal