Look who was the last one to open her eyes. Her sister and brothers had long ago began to peek about the room, but little Tarzan here was still doing her best imitation of Popeye.

It looks like a firm commitment has been made to this little creature, including a name. From now on, little Tarzan will hear her rather odd moniker when we pet and play with her.

Now, I could object to her designation, but, really, it is up to the adopting family what they will call their furry friend.

Tarzan is developing into a curious little thing. She often walks toward us when we come to visit the kitten box and she is not afraid to leave brothers, sister, and Mamacat behind to say hello. Se also really likes being in little closed places.

Hopefully she will live up to her name and begin swinging from the trees - or Mighty's tail.

Speaking of Mighty - she has started her own blog.