For many years have I resisted the sweet temptation of the Blackberry. Oh, it called to me in the late 90s, or was that 2000? At the time, I was quite happy with my PalmPilot. Then, in 2003, when it seemed inevitable that I get one, I again resisted the craving for a Blackberry as I did not want to be expected to check my email all the time.

This year, it came to a head - I needed some sort of mobile email/internet device if I wanted to do my job well, and the Blackberry, with its great network and scroll wheel, won. I know, I know, the iPhone is probably better, but I have already heard complaints about answering incoming calls while driving... I will wait for that wave to come.

About a month ago, I discovered something GREAT about my handheld: It displays books and scrolls fast enough for me to read them. I have almost completely transitioned to reading all books on my Blackberry. Better yet, you can get tons of out-of-copyright books for FREE. They even have ebooks in German.

Here is what I did:
1) Download and install Mobipocket Reader on your pc and also install in on your Blackberry.
2) Download free books from somewhere like (I like their website best and am giving them a donation.)
3) Open MobiPocketReader on your computer and import the free books.
4) Synch your Blackberry with your PC to load the books and you are SET.

No more lugging piles of books on trips. All you need is your Blackberry and enough juice to read for hours and hours.

Of course, you may also BUY ebooks, but I am having fun reading all these old books. My latest category is "Banned" books. Check out Mark Twain...