My sincerest apologies. I rotated a disc in my neck and computer work is painful, so I have been using my computer hours for the work I get paid for .

Having successfully made it through my first post neck disorder pilates class, it is time to finish my previous post.

What we did:
Substitutes 4 cups of blackberries, gleaned from Nashville's own Shelby Park - Unlike our friend Lannae Long's blueberry experience, there are gagillions of blackberries in the park, if you get there before everyone else!

Because the berries in this state are about 1/4 the size of blackberries in Oregon, and about 1/4 as sweet naturally, I dusted the berries LIGHTLY with sugar.

Then, after reducing the cinnamon content by 50%, followed the recipe.

As luck had it, we had homemade vanilla ice cream in the freezer and it melted nicely with the crisp.

My only adjustment: Next time I do 1.5 times the topping.

Ms. Long - I have your Trader Joes Syrup...