OK, I thought it would be easy to find used plastic 55 gallon food grade drums, but it is not to be. First of all, most people think you are crazy when you call them and ask, "Hey can I have your manufacturing garbage please?"

Most food manufacturers I have spoken with so far in Nashville already have a service that helps them out with this and I am beginning to think that folks around here don't typically set up rain barrel watering systems for their gardens...

Since I hate paying for water AND taxes, I aim to get most of my yard water from the skies for free.

One source I have found, where you can find them used for $10 each is:

Nashville Barrel & Drum Service Inc
7401 Cumberland Dr, (615) 799-9449

They are currently out of stock. Sigh.

Coca Cola has them:

Ana is at extension 486 and they are only available Thursday mornings. She recommends that you call Wednesday to verify that they have barrels for sale that week.