Last Friday, a guest came into town and we made breaded and baked boneless pork chops. They were good. As of today, we still have two in the fridge, along with a yuppy salad we presented at that meal.

Know what would be good?

1) Slice up the left over chops
2) Simmer with pre-made spaghetti sauce (I have tons in the freezer that I made in January)
3) Cook 1 pkg of noodles
4) Mix all well

Name the dish Pasta al Dente with Lightly Breaded Crispy Pork in a Spinach Red Sauce.

Heck, garnish it with Italian parsley and this idea will never be discovered for what it is: LEFTOVERS.


Increasingly often, I take a walk. Each time this happens, I have a thought. This is Nicole Sauce's Thought of the Walk.