Why did all wireless and ethernet networking devices stop working on my Lonovo Thinkpad T61p?

I have to admit, when I recently fixed a friend's T61p that was unable to connect to ANY network connection, I thought he had done something weird to his computer.


Today, I did a full update of my firmware through Lenovo's updating interface. Guess what? When I was done, NONE OF MY FRICKING NETWORK CONNECTIONS WERE FUNCTIONAL.

Luckily, I remembered what made his stuff work:
1) Go to start>Control Panel
2) Open "Administrative Tools"
3) Open "Computer Management"
4) Open "Device Manager'
5) Navigate to the network adapter area and right click on your wireless device, choose properties
6) Under Device Usage, choose "Do not use this device"
7) Apply all changes
8) Right click on the network adapter and choose properties again
9) Under Device Usage, choose "Use this device"
10) Apply all changes

If you are not good to go at this point, call your tech support person and freak out on their ass.