You see it everywhere - a CRISIS:

The crises pile up to no end. They form a giant heap of fear driving us to take action. In most cases, the suggested solution is to enact government controls:

  • Health care crisis = Socialized health care system
  • Global warming crisis = Legislate all consumption and mobility
  • Obesity crisis = Legislate food production and consumption

What I want to know is this: Why are the solutions to all our crises about legislating OTHER people to change? Why are they not about looking at what you, the XYZ crisis activist do to CAUSE your alleged crisis to begin with? And what YOU should do to fix it?

If everyone would look inward and take responsibility, instead of blame others, there would be fewer crises...

...and don't get me started on the legitimate definition of crisis.

On good days, I take a walk. Each time this happens, I have a thought. This is Nicole Sauce's Thought of the Walk.