Well, Lannae just tipped me off to the good news: Trader Joes is FINALLY coming to Nashville!! Read the article here.

Now, I can understand why they chose the former Wild Oats building in Green Hills: Trader Joes always seems to try to move into pre-built places with parking lots. However, I am dismayed that they did not consider the other side of town.

Yes, I will fight frickin' traffic and no decent freeway access just to get a year's supply of coffee and a case of pasta sauce every so often, but had they chosen a more accessible location, I would have fit them into my regular rounds.

Now the next question is: Will they built a separate entrance to sell 2 buck chuck?

As we all know, Tennessee's State Government thinks that wine is so extremely dangerous to our populace that they safely stow its sale away in specialty stores with liquor. Beer, on the other hand, is ok for general consumption seeing as you can't get drunk off of it. (These people make no sense.) 

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