So, we all hear about how special interests are controlling our government. You know - BIG OIL - PHARMACEUTICALS - ETC...

(Tee hee hee - I just realized the word "harm" is in pharmaceuticals...)

In any political discussion, you will hear about some industry that represents their interest through bribery or lobbying to glean special favors through the coercion of government.

Well, don't get me started today on the role of government in the business world - I am sure that is a different Thought of the Walk.

No, no - What I wondered yesterday was this:

  • Why don't these same people get outraged when the specials interest of an ever growing government are preserved at the cost of its citizens? You do not hear complaints about "GOVERNMENT MONOPOLY INTERESTS."
  • Why don't people RAGE about the teacher's unions becoming so intertwined with the government that they not only do not help children learn, they also do not HELP TEACHERS TEACH?

If you get pissed off about special interests of BIG OIL being represented, then you should be outraged when the GOVERNMENT MONOPOLY keeps you from getting decent internet service, or worse, causes a mother and child to be separated because of national origins.

On no particular schedule, I take a walk. Each time this happens, I have a thought. This is Nicole Sauce's Thought of the Walk.