2014-05-12 15.21.21

The key to getting past jet lag is (drumroll please): don't take a nap! Nine years ago was my last overseas trip and it worked back then and it still works today. Cala d'Or was a great town to arrive in after about 24 hours of travel and only two hours sleep. The shops are full of interesting things, the weather is nice so you can walk outside, and it is touristy enough that the restaurants are open early - even at 4pm.

By sticking to a few rules, on day two I am not feeling jet lag's pull at all:

1) Sleep is not allowed later than 8:30/9am or before 9pm.

2) Coffee is not allowed after 2pm in the first day, 4pm after that.

3) Absolutely no sugar on day one. Very little sugar on day two. (Even though the cakes here look heavenly!)

4) Wine and other alcohol is not allowed before 8pm on day 1 (and then never drink too much, or you wake up again.)

5) Get outside as much as possible.

There is simply too many interesting things to see the let jet lag get in the way by stealing precious daylight hours!