There is a more understanding surrounding the concept of how markets are better in crisis than command and control in this article about the government seizing crops from farmers to stock government run grocery stores in Venezuela than the mainstream media has posted in the US on basically ANY topic in a very long time.

Our biggest asset here at the Holler Homestead is our food supply - both in keeping our budget under control through buying food cheap to preserve for the year, and in being prepared to live off our stores through hard times.

Imagine if the US food was suddenly five times more expensive and still you could not buy meats, vegetables, dairy and grain due to government imposed scarcity? How long would you last? What would you spend to feed your family? How important would your iphone or new car be then?

As we march down the road of unnecessarily increased racial tension being used as a tool by our rulers to control all of us... As  each tropic storm is promoted in a hysteria of potential disaster... As everyone continues to accept the dual choice of democratic or republican rule - rather than question the need for rulers... Amid this noise, it is comforting to have 57 jars of corn, 40 jars of beans, freezers full of meat, wild edibles all around us, and knowledge to replenish the stores without the need to buy things at a government run grocery store.

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