Loved the video, laughed out loud several times. But how in the world did this sandwich cost $1,500? It cost $1,500 because the entire effort was oriented toward a single sandwich, by a guy who lives in an apartment, and complete with travel for exotic ingredients. It it completely absurd to do this, but it makes a great video and is a telling comment on how out of touch many of our politically correct foodie friends can sometime be.

On the other hand, how much would the sandwich cost if this experiment was done on a country farm that raises these items as part of day to day operations? By my estimation, about $3. This assumes a few things:

1) Since salt has been shipped from place to place from salt mines for much more than 7,000 years, no one would go to the ocean to get 1 tablespoon of salt for their farm or homestead. They would ship it in once a year, or depend on a local source were it available.

2) One acre of wheat, not one row of wheat.

3) Ongoing cheese production process in place, not one patty of cheese made by paying some random person to let you milk their cow - or goat.

4) The sandwich was made in September because I can't think of another time of year when we have fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles all at the same time this far south.

On the modern homestead, things like this sandwich happen as part of the whole food plan and end up being much cheaper than mainstream, high-end foods. And certainly less than how much anyone would spend making a single sandwich completely from scratch.

My calculations:

  • Bun (flour, sourdough starter, salt, water): $.25
  • Chicken Breast: $1
  • Cheese slice: $1
  • The rest: $.75

Looks like McDonald's still has me beat on price with their dollar menu!