Work-Home Separation is one of the benchmarks we have agreed to work on this year. Our first idea? Get our office out of the kitchen, out of the living room and out of the house.

About a year ago, we purchased a little camper with the idea that we would pull it around and go camping. Not knowing that you should tarp the thing over when stored, it ended up with several inches of ice on top. Needless to say, things got wet inside. The water seeped down the walls on one end, and into the subfloor, rotting out the wood. All the appliances and cushions stayed bone dry.

When discussing how to get our home offices out of the actual home, we realized that we already needed to redo the inside of the camper, that we probably will never pull this particular one around on trips, and that it already has heating, cooling, electricity and protection from the elements. We decided to rip out the rotten parts and reconfigure the inside as an office.

Step 1 is this weekend -  Removal of the kitchenette. Hoping to get $75 for the propane range top and 12 volt hood. This would bring us $75 we could then use to replace the subfloor.

Total spent so far $3,500 on the camper.

Camper Before:




What will come out this weekend: