Instead of tidy little squares or rows of plants this year, we thought we would sow them differently: Tossed salad style. It is a few weeks later than I would like to get my early spring seeds out, but schedule and weather has made me wait until today.

Here is what will go in the ground:

  • Purple Haze Carrots
  • Scarlet Kale
  • French Breakfast Radishes
  • Red Rhubarb Chard
  • Blue De Solaize Leek
  • Chioggia Beet

As my friend from Purple Maize Farm noted, it will be hard to tell the beets from the chard, but that's ok. We plan to put them on the bed that had tomatoes last year. It gets shaded from the Jerusalem Artichokes as they get tall which may help keep some of the gentler plants going longer.

Gardening is no fun if you don't get to experiment! While poking around the Internet, I found this article on Chaos Gardening.

Update: While out in the yard, I decided to harvest some Jerusalem Artichokes, leaving a ground disturbance. We have this box of old seeds and I figured I might as well throw handsfull of those out before covering the area with wood chips and see what comes...