It all started with a blank sheet of paper and a pen. First there were two sections: Objectives and Focused Tasks. After a few weeks, it just wasn't enough. I was failing to take care of myself and my relationships so another section emerged: Family and Self. Then things came up that would not fit in the day but that could not be forgotten and Short Term Parking emerged. Still, parking tended toward two kinds of things, personal and work. After much consideration, Short Term Parking has two sections.

IMG_0385The transition from hand drawn planner to printed on made the whole system seem more official and has led to my taking it more seriously.

And I have tried it all: Franklin Covey, At-A-Glance, Franklin before it was Franklin Covey, Asana, Basecamp, Paper To Do List, Blocking Time in My Calendar, Wunderlist, Post It Notes, Denial. Lots of denial. Most things work for a few weeks then fall apart as they become increasingly complex.

Without the journey toward regaining ownership of my life and priorities, this planner would never have emerged. It compliments my strategic planning process. It helps me keep my long term and short term deliverables in balance. There is a way to prioritize where the best value will be gained from time investment. It breaks my plans out by week so that I don't need to lug around a 365 page book when seven to fourteen pages will do quite nicely. Better yet, it allows my kinesthetic self to manipulate the tasks so that they become internalized.

It is so exciting, and I wonder if others could use it their advantage. Is this just a personalized planner for me, or a tool others can use to reach their goals too?