Today, I was thinking so much about my 96 year old grandmother. She is still alive and fairly healthy for her age. I have always regretted that it was not until after my grandfather died that his song came to me. This is a recording of his song, My grandfather was a wonderful man, master gardener, and silent but stable mentor.

It is time to write a song for his companion in time for her to hear it because my grandmother IS a wonderful woman, caring about everyone, a great story teller and with the memory of an elephant.

It is nice to take some time to think about some of the good people who were there as I grew up and beyond.

Sauce first performed Grandpa's Song at the Rabbit Hole in SE Portland and Skip VonKuske jumped onstage to play cello with us. Grandma and her twin were there to hear it.

April 12, 2016 Update:
Several asked more about this song. I wrote it about our last days together with my grandfather after we found out he was terminally ill. It was a beautiful time where we were visited by family from all over, where Grandma told stories about the past we had never heard before, and when my grandfather taught me one last lesson: death is natural and beautiful, not scary. And he loved my grandma so much that the last word we heard from him was her name.

Grandpa's Song by Nicole Sauce Williams

(Copyright 2004)

Light Love Life Hope

Light in darkness -love eternal
Life you showed us - hope - it's hopeless

Look into your eyes, now there's nothing left to say
Feeling of your hand holding on to mine today

Inside Out Bound

In the final hours together
Longed to show you - you remember

Fire in your eyes looked across the room to her
Feeling in the air taking you forever

Showed us how to right through small deeds
Speak with silence, love in all things

Look into your eyes, now there's nothing left to say
Feeling of you hand holding on for one last day