Several of our friends have passed away in the last week and it reminds me that you need to live for the now as much as you can, while laying the foundation for a good future for yourself -- or for your loved ones. While thinking about this, I found a nice tribute to our friend who passed away on Monday from Garth Brooks:


What we are eating and preserving this week:

  • From that garden and local markets: beets, spinach, yellow squash, cabbage, potatoes, peppers and a surprise kale plant, wild raspberries and blackberries, peaches
  • From the larder: sweet potatoes, frozen blueberries, venison, bacon
  • Preserving: A do-over on pickled beets (when in doubt throw it out), It’s time to make pickles but we will talk about that next week with our special guest...

Three time-saving ideas for the homesteader who also works a full time job

Listen to Remy's Reaction to the Florida Shooting: How to react to tragedy: